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Greek Oregano

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It comes as no surprise that this classic ground oregano is one of our most popular ingredients: During July and August, you’ll find people harvesting and drying oregano in every mountainous village of Greece.

Sourced from small organic farms, our ground Oregano from Taygetus has the same flavor profile as the bouquets but in a more practical, pre-ground format. An absolute staple that shouldn’t miss even from the most minimal pantry

Rich in essential oils, spicy and peppery, our Oregano from Taygetus is what we call all-purpose oregano here at Daphnis and Chloe. 




Natural Brass, that will naturally patina over time giving them that vintage look.


8" Height x 1.6 " Diameter Pepper

9" Height x 1.6 " Diameter Salt

Flanged base for stability

Care information

We recommend using a cloth to wipe any dust or residue. Do not use water. Handle with lots of love.