Elanaloo Picks

Elanaloo Picks


This is one of my favorite details of the kitchen because of the story… I had seen these in photographs before and loved the look but wasn’t 100% sure they were worth the investment.

In July of 2021, while my mom was visiting, we were thrifting together and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw a brass pepper mill on the shelf – at a fraction of the retail price… $20. It was in need of some love & a deep scrub but I was so shocked to have found one in this whole in the wall secondhand shop!

Then, when my friend Veronica was visiting in August, I shared that story with her. It was insignificant… one of hundreds of swapped stories during our time together. But nevertheless, a few weeks after she had gone home a package arrived on my doorstep.

Inside was the matching pair to my thrifted find.

A ‘thank you’ for hosting her and her family she said. But to me it was so much more. It was an “I hear you.” It was the sweetest, most unexpected gesture.

Things are things unless they carry stories and memories. I smile everyday using these two heirlooms thinking of how they came to be right here in our little kitchen.

Here are a couple different shops that carry these because they seem to go out of stock from time to time. McGee & Co., Maison Blonde, Tenzo or Maple Kitchen Goods


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