1. Where is the handle ?

The handle is located in the pepper mill. Please unscrew the top of the mill and remove the dome to find the handle in the mill.

2. How do I fill my Salt and Pepper mills ?

To insert coarse salt or peppercorns, unscrew the bolt at the top of the mill and remove the top and fill with salt or peppercorns.

Note: Prior to using your mill for the first time please pass a few pepper corns through then discard in order to clean the inner mechanism.

Ground salt can be used the Salt mill.

3. How do I adjust the grind for pepper ?

You can determine the coarseness you wish to produce by adjusting the screw at the bottom accordingly. For a finer grind, turn the screw clockwise and counter clockwise for a coarser grind. Grinds directly over food.

4. Why is the mill no longer shiny ?

This process is part of the nature of the metal and brings with it an attractive patina of use. The change in appearance is unpredictable and might occur in different ways on different parts of the mill.  If you prefer to retain a bright polished look, most of the mills can be polished with an ordinary metal cleaner (such as Brasso or similar) using a soft cloth to polish the outside of the mill. 

5. Warranty

We provide 5 year warranty on salt mill mechanisms and 10 year warranty on the mechanism of all other mills. 

This warranty covers the functionality of the grinding mechanism in normal use, but does not cover issues arising from poor maintenance or damage
caused by carelessness, misuse, or wear and tear including oxidation and patina to the body of the mill, which is normal and can be managed through
care and maintenance.
Any abnormal grinding or misuse such as grinding caustic substances that react with the metal in a pepper mill will void this warranty. Exposure to water may also void this warranty. Our pepper mills are not suitable for salt and the salt mills will not grind pepper. This warranty does not cover breakage or changes to the finish that is normal for these mills.


6. Care & Maintenance

Please refer to the insert included in the packaging