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Alexander (Atlas) Brass Salt Mill 9"

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Handcrafted in Greece, The Alexander (Atlas) Pepper Mills are designed to meet specific standards of high quality and functionality with a unique grinding mechanism.

Since 1977, the Alexander (Atlas) Pepper Mills have earned rave reviews for excellent craftsmanship and functionality from all over the world.

Mill description

Size: 9"H x 2.8"W
Open bottom, flanged base for stability
Body diameter 1.6″
Body thickness 0.04″
Weight 1.15 l

The handle for the mill is located inside the body of the pepper mill. Unscrew the top bolt to find the handle. Refer to our video on how to assemble the pepper mill.

How to fill your Salt Mills

To insert Salt, unscrew the bolt at the top of the mill and remove the top.

Fill with your favourite coarse salt (Greek, Kosher or Himalayan) or grounded salt. Replace the top and screw bolt.  Grinds directly over food.

DO NOT USE  GREY, WET OR SALT FLAKES in the salt mill as this will clog the mechanism.

Note: Prior to using your mill for the first time please pass a small amount of salt through then discard in order to clean the inner mechanism.

Care Instructions

Wipe with a damp cloth. Dry completely. Avoid harsh cleaners or chemicals. Please handle with lots of love.

Note: These Salt & Pepper mills naturally patina over time, adding desired character and that vintage look.

Handmade in Greece.

 Photo credit: Arial Tarr (Brass collection)


Natural Brass, that will naturally patina over time giving them that vintage look.


8" Height x 1.6 " Diameter Pepper

9" Height x 1.6 " Diameter Salt

Flanged base for stability

Care information

We recommend using a cloth to wipe any dust or residue. Do not use water. Handle with lots of love.